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  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and talents with our organization! With the exception of special events and special group volunteer activities, most of our volunteer opportunities take place Monday- Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    To start the volunteer process, we ask that you consider what type of volunteer involvement you are interested in (see tabs above for options). Then, we ask you to complete and return our volunteer application. Once your application is received, we will contact you for a brief phone interview and, if appropriate, schedule an in-person interview with you.

    Volunteer Application

    If you have questions about individual volunteer opportunities, please contact:

    Katrina Hawry, Office & Volunteer Coordinator

    If you have questions about group or special event volunteer opportunities, please contact:

    Sarah Murphy, Communications and Volunteer Liaison

    For Student Observation Hours please contact:
    Mandy Danforth, Rehab. Assistant

  • Active Volunteers
    These are individuals who volunteer on a regular basis in one or more specific program areas.  A commitment of 4 to 8 hours per month is required.  We make every attempt to match your interests with the appropriate program area.  Because our services are highly individualized, we cannot guarantee placement in patient/client areas.  Volunteers in this category may be required to have a TB test. RIKC We also have a strong need for volunteers willing to provide office and clerical support.

    Youth Volunteers
    Youth volunteers must be 14 years or older.  Volunteer activities are available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Two types of youth volunteer opportunities are available:

    • Summer Camp Volunteers:  Youth are needed to assist with our annual summer camps for children with disabilities.  Youth volunteers will help staff coordinate and implement camp activities.  Camps take place in June and July.  Volunteers are not required to volunteer the entire camp duration, but we do require individuals to commit to a minimum number of hours. Volunteers in this category may be required to have a TB test.
    • Student Community Service Hours:  We are pleased to partner with area schools to help students complete their community service hours.  Opportunities are considered on a case-by-case basis.  Volunteers in this category may be required to have a TB test.

    Special Event Volunteers
    For those who are unable to volunteer on a regular basis, but want to help in some way, our special event opportunities may be the answer! Volunteers are needed to both help plan and implement the following special events:

    • Day at the Lake (July) *
    • Bacon Fest: The Other Fundraiser (August)
    • Ability Quest: Run, Walk, Stroll or Roll (October)

    *Requires special training.

    Books KC Volunteers
    Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to assist in a social entrepreneurial initiative at RIKC. Individuals will assist the Director of New Business Development in running our used bookstore. Through this project, thousands of books are donated to RIKC for debinding and selling the recovered paper to recyclers. The revenue received for the recycled paper is utilized to support RIKC's sheltered workshops as well as providing jobs for individuals with disabilities. In addition to recycling, hundreds of hardbound books are received, which we believe can be sold online to generate additional income. The volunteer will be responsible for listing the books for sale online, tracking books sold, and then packing the sold books for shipping to the buyers.
    Skills needed: Computer skills to navigate online.
    Skills recommended: Maintaining a simple database of books listed and sold.
    Hours: 6 hours per week 

    If you have questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact:

    Katrina Hawry, Office & Volunteer Coordinator

  • We are pleased to provide opportunities for groups who want to join together to help advance our mission by providing volunteer support for a special project or activity.  Below are some examples of activities we have available.  Of course, we are willing and interested in exploring other ideas you might have for a group volunteer project. 

    Client Parties – As arranged

    • Allows group to bring in and hand out snacks, goodie bags, etc for 200 clients in workshops.
    • Gives clients the opportunity to work on their social skills.

    Wheelchair Wash – As arranged

    • Registration – check-in participants
    • Wash/Repair stations – assist in washing and repairing participant’s wheelchairs.


    A Day at the Lake – Annually in July

    • Registration – check-in participants
    • Dock assistant – assist dock master with participants on the dock
    • Water volunteer – assist with getting participants ready for water activities. REQUIRES TRAINING PRIOR TO EVENT.
    • Watercraft provider (Boats and Jet Skis) – pull participants who are water skiing, give participants boat rides, follow participants and assist them in water if needed. REQUIRES TRAINING PRIOR TO EVENT.

    Bacon Fest: The Other Fundraiser – Annually in August

    • Registration – check-in participants, register walk-ups.
    • Vendor support – check-in and assist vendors with necessary tasks, such as serving food.
    • Set-up/Clean-up – set up and break down tents, tables, banners, etc
    • Floater – patrol entrances/exits and perimeter to ensure that those entering are of age and have paid, assist with trash/recycling as necessary.

    Ability Quest: Walk, Stroll or Roll – Annually in October

    • Registration Table – check-in participants and register walk-ups
    • Refreshments Stand – hand out water and snacks to participants
    • Course Monitor – Ensure participants know where to go and give assistance when needed.
    • Set-up/Break-down – help set up and break down banners, tables, tents, etc.

    If you have questions about volunteer opportunities for groups or special events, please contact:

    Katrina Hawry, Office & Volunteer Coordinator

  • We are pleased to provide observation hours for Allied Health students.  Our observation opportunities are most appropriate for individuals who are pursuing the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy and are required to complete a designated number of observation hours for school.  One individual per discipline is chosen each month to complete up to six hours of observation.   

    For Student Observation Hours please contact:

    Mandy Danforth

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